Pedagogy in Denmark - a danish concept

The concept Pedagogue is specific to Denmark. The Danish pedagogues are comparable to “pre-school teachers” in other countries.

In the sector out of school care they might be compared to “play workers” or “recreation instructors”, and in other services they are more like “social workers” or “educators”.

In Denmark the pedagogues have a Union of their own unlike other countries where pedagogues usually are organized as pre-school teachers within teachers unions.

Danish child care centres are an integral and independent part of the Danish welfare society and should not be mixed up with the school system and formal teaching. This does not mean, that children in the Danish nurseries, kindergartens, pre-school classes, free time centres or out of school care and youth clubs are not supposed to learn anything, but the learning the pedagogues perform stresses the importance of play and the child’s social and comprehensive development.

Always under consideration is the child’s intellectual, social, emotional, neuromuscular, ethical, moral and aesthetic development. To the Danish pedagogue early childhood education and care is neither reduced to formal learning of numbers and letters, nor pure play, but about learning, developing and playing in a caring environment.

Bachelor in Social Education
The education programme for a Bachelor Degree in Social Education is geared towards the entire educational occupational area, with specialisation within a specific occupational, functional or academic field.

The programme is to provide professional qualifications for working with development and care assignments within the following areas: children and young people
(including working in day nurseries, day-care centres, pre-school classes,
recreation centres/school-based leisure time facilities, after school clubs, 24-hour service institutions), institutions for children, young people and adults with reduced
psychological or physical capacities, adults with social problems (homelessness,
substance abuse, mental disorders), family institutions, and child and youth psychiatric hospitals.

Read factsheet about Bachelor in social education (pdf)

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